Pellucid Cleaner

The cleaner that increases the effect of “Pellucid Glass Coating”





・Cleaner before coating that removes water scraps etc. that can not be removed by the car wash and revives the original sparkle of the body in a well-balanced manner.
・Since “Pellucid Glass Coating” is blended, the coating effect can be obtained while dropping water stains and dirt and beautiful finish with even only this one.
・As the cleaner effect plus the percussion process, the optimum background treatment can be done before using the “Pellucid Glass Coating”, and the effect of the “Pellucid Glass Coating” is further increased.
・Besides the body, it can be used for wheels, uncoated resin parts, plating painted parts, headlights etc.
・The work is very easy, no masking required.

How to use   * It possible to use with water drops remaining.

1. Shake well the bottle and spray to the body.
2. Polish it like spreading with the attached cloth.
3. Wash off with the attached cloth or sponge.


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