Immune Booster

This product is for Immunity, Antioxidant, and Improves nutritional imbalance.

  • 3rd generation Beta-glucan (Purity, effect UP)
  • Activation of immune cells (NK cells, B cells, macrophages)
  • Inhibit chronic inflammation, lowers inflammations
  • Improves diabetes & suppresses triglyceride

Beta-glucan: Functional Food for Immune Regulation

As a kind of polysaccharide, it has an immune-enhancing effect and is present in yeast cell walls, mushrooms, and grains.
It can help activate the immune function of human normal cells and improve lipid metabolism.

  • VITAMIN C 1,000mg (1,111%)
    Necessary for connective tissue formation and function maintenance
    Necessary for iron absorption
    Needed to protect cells from free radicals by acting as an antioxidant
  • VITAMIN D 25μg (125%)
    Required for absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus
    Necessary for bone formation and maintenance
    Helps reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis
  • VITAMIN B6 1.8mg (106%)
    Necessary for protein and amino acid utilization
    Required to maintain normal homocysteine levels in the blood
  • ZINC 10mg (91%)
    Necessary for normal immune function
    Necessary for normal cell division


  • Supports increased vigilance of your immune system
  • Supports activation of t-cells, macrophages, and NK cells
  • Beta Glucans activate immune cells to express more receptors for Vitamin D
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Non-allergenic, Keto friendly
  • Delicious Mixed Berry flavor
  • Combine with Synergy’s best-selling ProArgi-9+ to enhance your body’s ability to benefit from both formulas

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